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Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 22


The final week of Chapter began with a plenary assembly during which the Chapter Commissions presented the proposals which they had been working on last week.

The secretaries of the different Commissions each gave a full presentation and this was followed by ample time for discussion. Practically the whole morning was spent on presentation, clarification and discussion, and towards noon some of the Chapter Members raised questions as to whether this was actually the best way of proceeding. The session was adjourned so that the Steering Committee could discuss the methodology.

In the afternoon, the Steering Committee announced that in fairness to all of the commissions, it would be best to continue with the presentation of proposals using the method already employed by the commissions which had presented during the morning.

At the end of the presentations a suggestion from the Steering Committee was put to the assembly. It would involve giving all of the day’s material to the Commission for Proposals who would have the task of deciding which proposals were aspirational and which are actually mandates suitable for a General Chapter. The reduced number of proposals could then be translated and given to the language groups for discussion before a final vote in the assembly.

After some discussion on this suggestion, it was decided that the Chapter Members would sleep on it and would vote tomorrow morning on how to proceed.

Given that nine commissions, each with multiple proposals, were presenting their work, the day was particularly heavy for the Chapter Members. They were glad of the hospitality provided by the friars of the Portiuncula who put on a spread in their friary which was followed by a concert featuring Fra Alessandro, “The Voice of Assisi”. His singing lifted the spirits of the friars and set them up for tomorrow’s work which will involve the crafting and refinement of the final proposals.

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