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Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 23


The 23rd day of the General Chapter was held on June 2nd, the National Holiday of the foundation of the Italian Republic. In contrast to the surrounding festivities, the friars continued the work scheduled for today, which involved the presentation and analysis of the proposals formulated by the Chapter commissions.

The morning session was spent teasing out the proposals of commission 4, which has been dealing with “Government and the Service of Authority in the Order”, as well as the proposed changes to the General Statutes. Having presented the changes which came from the last Plenary Council of the Order (2013), and those which came from the different Entities of the Order, the commission outlined the response of the juridical commission. These ranged from redrafting some proposals to leaving other proposals unchanged or else recommending that a few proposals should not be adopted.

Following this, a vote was taken as to how to proceed with the many proposals which have been presented. It was decided that all the proposals, as well as the feedback from the plenary, should be brought back to the nine commissions for refinement and editing. The resulting proposals will then be sent to the dedicated Commission for Chapter Proposals which will work to produce a reduced number of workable proposals, as well as material for the more inspirational part of the Final Chapter Document.

The morning’s work ended with the first ballot for the election of two Chapter Members who will be part of the Financial Commission of the General Chapter.

The nine commissions met during the afternoon and worked on their proposals. The second session was spent listening to various missionary experiences of the Order which the friars found wonderfully uplifting. Then the second ballot for the Financial Commission took place, with the election of Brs. Mario Vaccari (Italy) and Dennis Vavrek (Canada). The first draft of the Final Document was available for the Chapter Members to read and it will be discussed tomorrow morning.

Although the friars had their usual busy day, they still had enough energy to have an outdoor meal which included a celebration of June 2nd, the holiday of the Italian Republic.