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Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 2


Chapter Chronicle, Day 2 The second day of the General Chapter began with an opening prayer, followed by a Roll Call of the friars present. The Minister General asked for prayers for a number of friars – Br. Joško Kodžoman, who cannot be at Chapter because of a serious family problem as well as Brs. John Vaughn, ex Minister General, and Darío Carrero Morales, Custos of Puerto Rico, both of whom are in hospital.

The officials at Chapter take an Oath of Office and, after this was done, the Rules of Procedure of the Chapter were introduced. Most of the rest of the morning was spent reviewing these Rules of Procedure in the different Conference groups. As well as that, the friars were given some instructions and practice in the use of the electronic voting devices.

After the group work the friars gathered to meet the Bishop of Assisi, Mgr. Domenico Sorrentino. The Minister General greeted the Bishop warmly and asked for his blessing on the work of the Chapter. Bishop Sorrentino spoke of the close bonds between the Diocese and the Franciscan Family and urged the friars to really listen during the Chapter and to make courageous and appropriate decisions.

The afternoon was given over to the presentation of the conclusions reached in the Conference groups which had worked on the Rules of Procedure. There was a lively variety of opinion and amendments had to be put to the vote before being incorporated into the final text, which was then approved by the assembly.

The next task was the election of the three friars who would be Moderators (Chairmen) of the Chapter. After hearing the nominations from the Conferences, the vote took place and the following brothers were elected: Br John Puodziunas (English Speaking) Br Carlo Serri (Italian Speaking) Br Edwin Alvarado Segura (Spanish Speaking) We ended the day with Evening Prayer and supper – although it’s only the second day, there was a sense that we are now fully into the swing of the Chapter.

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  1. We pray that the capitulars accept the very clear challenge posed by the Bishop of Assisi. Courage, Brothers! Be truly radical as lesser brothers today! Thanks also to the Communications staff for keeping us updated of the Chapter events!

  2. My warm friendship and my prayers to the capitulars friars. I am an ancient friars,s student.

  3. Los felicito por acercarnos a la vivencia del Cap Gen.

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