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Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 26


The second last day of Chapter was characterized by a word that was repeated over and over again – “placet” (or in other words, “I agree”). Today was a day when votes were taken on the many proposals which had been put forward by the different commissions.

First a vote was taken as to the remaining changes to the General Constitutions and then, after a break, a vote was taken on the contributions of the various commissions. In between the friars watched the very creative videos made by the different Provinces about their life and ministry and this allowed their minds to range beyond the narrow constraints of “placet”, “non placet” or “placet iuxta modum”!

The afternoon continued with more votes and in the midst of all of the legal issues a welcome relief came in the form of delicious sweets provided by the Polish Provinces during the break. But we still had to finish the long list of proposals submitted by the Proposals Commission (a total of 26). There were some moments of confusion – at times due to the electronic voting devices, and at other times to the different wording in the translations into English, Spanish and Italian. Nonetheless, we managed to finish the work scheduled for today.

At the end of the day another vote was taken. This time the decision was about the method of payment of the expenses of the Chapter. The friars chose the method which best expressed our solidarity with one another.

Evening prayer and dinner, both free of the complication of voting, ended the penultimate day of the General Chapter!