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Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 4


The fourth day of the Chapter was spent reflecting on the second part of the report of the Minister General. In it he addressed issues such as how we live our spirituality in fraternity, the tasks of Evangelization & Mission, Formation & Studies, and Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation.

There are three chairmen of the Chapter and today it was the turn of the Spanish-speaking Br. Edwin de Jesús Alvarado Segura from Central America. He introduced Br. Francesco Patton who has been elected as the representative of the chairmen of the various groups at Chapter – in this role Br. Francesco will attend the meetings of the Steering Committee which organizes the day-to-day running of the Chapter. His deputy is Br. Alan Tomasz Brzyski, and the Secretary of the chairmen’s group is Br John Hardin.

Br. Joško Kodzoman was welcomed to Chapter and the Minister General also invited the friars to pray for peace and stability in Burundi, and for all the Friars and people who live there at this time of political turmoil.

During the presentation of his report, Br. Michael Perry, spoke about the need to rediscover our identity as Friars Minor by a sustained and effective commitment which is bound to lead to a renewal of our life as brothers in mission.

At various stages in his report the friars responsible for the different sections of the General Curia spoke about their work. These were Br. Massimo Tedoldi, Secretary General for Evangelization and Mission, Br. Vidal Rodriguez Lopez, Secretary General for Formation and Studies, and Br. Joe Rozansky, Director of the Office of JPIC.

Br. Michael concluded by thanking many people for their dedicated service – his predecessor in the office of the Minister General, the members of the General Definitory and the friars who give of their services in the Curia. And in response, a sincere and prolonged applause by the Assembly expressed the sincere thanks of all the Friars to Br. Michael for his generous service.

The afternoon found the friars first working in language groups and then returning to the hall for a time of sharing and dialogue about what the Minister General had said. Afterwards the Chapter members went to the little church and friary of San Damiano for a powerful experience of the celebration of Vespers in the place where St Francis found his vocation. The presider was the Minister Provincial of the Seraphic Province, Br. Claudio Durighetto.

And so to the praise of Christ and sustained by the memory of St. Francis the fourth day of the Chapter ended!

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One thought on “Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 4

  1. Thanks to summarized Reports of the JPIC, FS, and ME offices. It is noteworthy that accompaniment is a demand not only in both initial and ongoing formation but also in the animation and management of entities that are still dependent on Provinces or autonomous Custodies. Since the general curia animates some entities as part of international projects, perhaps in the animation of the new ministers, there should be also a program orienting them how to animate and manage young foundations or not too young foundations, so that such accompaniment does not become a haphazard activity. Perhaps, the office of mission should discern how it could collaborate with other religious institutes in emergency situations that are afflicting now different parts of the world due to the problem of refugees and migrations (like peoples of North Africa and the ME, and peoples of South Asia, SE Asia and Oceania). Perhaps, the FCAO should take the lead in the very urgent cases of the Rohingyas, whether from Bangla Desh or Myanmar. Demands of mission and evangelization should have preference over institutional demands of the units. The Letter of Pope Francis to all consecrated people should show us also how to be brothers and lesser ones at that not only within but also outside the Order/Province.
    It would be good also if there were an immediately readable summary of the salient and vital points of the Min Gen’s Report for general comments from the entire universal fraternity.
    Thanks to all the staff of the general curia, under the leadership of Br. Michael A. Perry, for their service to the entire global fraternity!

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