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Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 5


The Chapter is already in its fifth day and is in full swing. The chairman for today was Br. Carlo Serri, an Italian friar. The brothers have been issued with a working paper (Instrumentum Laboris) which will be one of the major tools for the work of the Chapter. One of the experts invited to the Chapter,

Br. Cesare Vaiani, presented the working paper in two sessions which were each followed by group work.

Br. Cesare detailed the resources used in the working document: 1) the responses to the Lineamenta from the different entities of the Order, 2) the data obtained from a survey made of the friars of the Order, 3) proposals from the Commission to study the state of the Order and 4) Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium. He also spoke of the criteria used in drawing up the paper – in particular, he said that the unifying theme is the current reality of the Order as regards fraternity and minority.

The friars responded well to the document and appreciated the key contributions from Evangelii Gaudium and the focus on our solidarity with the most marginalized. Br. Cesare then stressed the importance of limiting the number of proposals that may arise in the group work and plenary sessions, so as not to overwhelm the new government of the Order with too many mandates.

The Minister General spoke, encouraging the friars to create spaces of faith and trust with each other, to shape an encounter where the Chapter can truly experience the power of the Spirit. A good step in that direction was the simple but sincere celebration of Evening Prayer in the different language groups.

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