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Capitulum Generale 2015: Conclusion


As might be expected, the last day of the Chapter was spent dealing with conclusions, evaluations and thanking lots of people.

During the morning all the proposals that did not receive a 2/3rd majority in the first vote were be voted on again and thus definitively approved or rejected. The Chapter Final Document was presented and approved, with some minor emendations; the General Definitory will have the task overseeing the final editing and correction of the document.
Some other votes were taken, such as the obligatory vote on the limit of expenditure allowed to the Minister General, but perhaps the most important approval was that given to a declaration of solidarity with those brothers who, in various parts of the world, live our gospel form of life in situations of persecution, difficulty, or danger.

After the session an evaluation questionnaire for all Chapter members was distributed so they can express their views on the preparation of the Chapter, its organization, the location and accommodation, the methodology etc.

Aside from the evaluations, what is certain is that there were many people to thank for the wonderful experiences of this Chapter. The concluding Mass at the Portiuncula was one opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for our time together. The Minister General, Br. Michael A. Perry, returning to the central theme of the Chapter, invited all the Friars to live as authentic men of faith, in order to be truly brothers and minors. Entrusting the Order to Our Blessed Lady, he asked her to help the friars say our own “yes” before the urgent necessity – now more urgent than ever – of making the Good News of Jesus Christ heard in our world.

The second opportunity for grateful thanks took place during the last session of the Chapter. Having thanked God and been entrusted to the protection of Mary, it was time to thank many people: the Chapter members, office holders, technicians, the fraternity of the Portiuncula, the staff of the Domus Pacis which hosted us and all those who worked so hard. It all contributed to the smooth running of a time of deep fraternity – days full of hope and joy.

To everyone, including all of you who have been following on this website: THANK YOU!

Homily – Omelia – Homilia Conclusione

2 thoughts on “Capitulum Generale 2015: Conclusion

  1. Dear brothers,
    thank you for this wonderful website during your General Chapter and for given us each day a summary of your consultations. I read them with great interest and I joined you with my prayers. God bless you now whereever you are in the world. We as Franciscan Sisters are also encouraged to live anew as women of faith, in order to be truly sisters of the Franciscan Family.
    Pace and all good, Sr. Claudia-Maria (South Africa)

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