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General Chapter 2015: Lineamenta


Dear Brothers! Here you will find the Lineamenta that are meant to serve as a preparation for the next General Chapter. This is the principal text on which all the brothers are invited to reflect deeply, and it is accompanied by a short practical guide that was requested by the Presidents of the Conferences at their last meeting with the General Definitory (May 5-8, 2014), which had as its aim the study of the Lineamenta. (Documents Section)

I wish to remind you that each one of you is personally responsible for the journey that we are making together and that will bring us to the next General Chapter. For this reason, I strongly ask that these two texts be given to every Fraternity, and if possible to every brother, so as to motivate and involve ,to the greatest possible extent, individual Fraternities and every brother, so that they may undertake a serious and attentive study of the texts, especially the Lineamenta, and in the end to formulate their reflections and proposals which will be sent to your Provincial Ministers and Custodes.
I renew my heartfelt requests that you enter into the above described process with passion and seriousness, because it is my earnest desire and the desire of the General Definitory that the next General Chapter be an event of the whole Universal Fraternity!

Some practical guidance for the study of the material: you can start from the Guide where you will find.
1) Some questions, intended to provoke reflection and dialogue;
2) Some references to the texts for deeper study;
3) Some suggestions for a concluding community celebration

Every Fraternity should choose a secretary who will record the reflections and sent them to the appropriate Provincial or Custos. [Taken from Letter of MG]