Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 19


Friday of the 3rd week of Chapter (day 19), was mainly devoted to work in the various Chapter Commissions, which have been given the task of refining the proposals which will be discussed in the assembly. These deal with important aspects of our life such as: fraternal relationships; caring for Creation; formation and studies; our life of prayer and devotion; the service of authority and government; the charism of poverty and the promotion of a simple lifestyle; guidelines for the financial management of the General Curia; missio ad gentes; and new forms of evangelization. Continue reading

Capitulum Generale 2015: Chronicle, Day 18


The 18th day of the General Chapter, Thursday May 28th, focussed on financial issues, but this time involved a deepening of our understanding of fundraising. This is necessary because the Entities of the Order which have up to now been well able to support themselves as well as other parts of the Order, are now in decline, while the younger Entities have a lot of expenses and are not financially self-sufficient. Continue reading

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