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The Minister General convokes the 2015 General Chapter


The VIII Chapter of our Rule of life reminds us: “Let all the brothers be bound to have one of the brothers of this Order as General Minister and servant of the whole fraternity and let them be strictly bound to obey them” (Rb VIII, 1). Thomas of Celano, later recalled how, for St. Francis, it was “a constant desire and careful attention to maintain the link of unity among children in such a way that they who were attracted by the same spirit and generated by the same father would live in agreement in the womb of one mother alone” (2Cel).

Therefore, in accordance with that established by art. 190 §1 of the GGCC and by art. 140 §1 of the GGSS, I OFFICIALLY CONVOKE THE ORDINARY GENERAL CHAPTER which will be celebrated in the Domus Pacis, adjacent to the Porziuncola in Saint Mary of the Angels, Assisi (Perugia, ITALY), from the 10th of May to the 7th of June 2015.

The election of the Minister General is scheduled for Thursday the 21st of May 2015. The Fraternity Mass, using the Mass of the Holy Spirit, should be celebrated for this intention in each Fraternity of the Order on that date.
I invite every Friar of the Order to pray intensely, to reflect wisely and to prepare themselves responsibly for this fundamental event of our life and mission.
(From the Letter of Convocation of the General Chapter)